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medical lawdistraught doctorHealthcare is a complex field. With many new regulations from HIPAA and The Affordable Care Act complicating already compound and burdensome regulations, it’s almost impossible to know if you are compliant.

Pennsylvania Physicians’ Lawyers was founded in 1992, understanding that physicians needed an advocate to ensure they can focus on what they do best—practice medicine. And with the multifaceted needs of medical practice, we focus on the areas affecting physicians most. These include:

  • Legal consultation for regulatory issues, to include HIPAA and Stark Law
  • Structuring the sale or formation of a medical practice
  • Negotiating and reviewing physician employment agreements and managed-care contracts

Personal and Professional

Moreover, Pennsylvania Physicians’ Lawyers is a personal practice. You are not a number on a docket in the morass of a large corporate firm. Our services are personalized and the best quality you can receive. Why am I so confident about this? Simply, Dennis Hursh works individually with each and every client; no rookie lawyers learning the ropes to deal with.

Physician Employment Agreements
We review and negotiate physician employment agreements, to make sure they are fair and equitable.


Regulatory Compliance
We assure HIPAA and Stark Law compliance, to reduce exposure to lawsuits and prevent inadvertent violation of the criminal statutes.


Selling of Medical Practice
We provide advice and assistance to assure that physicians obtain the best deal possible when selling a medical practice to the hospital.


  • As an attorney and the wife of a physician, I can attest that "the Final Hurdle," is a wonderful resource for both attorneys and physicians alike. It goes into great detail comprehensively explaining all the legal caveats in a way that physicians will be able to understand. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to any physician, attorney or any other medical professional as it is an excellent and accurate resource. –Margarita C (via Amazon)

  • This book really opened my eyes to how much I did not know about contract negotiations. None of the information in this book is covered in medical education curriculum. So I'm very happy I'm not going out in the workforce looking for my first job without the knowledge this book has given me. Thank you.–Dr. C (via Amazon)

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